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Whirled Piece
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I am a nature hippee wishing that everyone would find their inner peace because then the world would become the way it was always supposed to be. I will not make advances on people I don't know, so don't try. I am a peaceful person with a crazy streak. I enjoy sitting the middle of a rainstorm, and laying in the middle of a field of flowers. My dreams are to become an animator or a writer. But if that fails, I wish to become a history teacher. I speak German and I find it very interesting. I love writing fanfictions and stories of my own creation. My poetry can be uplifting and depressing, often at the same time. I try to be nice to everyone with mixed results. At times, I may seem like a dark minded, depressed, attention hog, but all in all, I try to make other people feel better about themselves. I try also to be unprejudiced because that is just plain rude.